Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So, You Want Bi-Partisanship

The Numbers Tell A Story 
BiPartisan Vote Count of the Debt Ceiling Raise
I read the Tea Party is not pleased with the budget deal.  Be that as it may, see the breakdown of how the parties voted to the negotiated settlement below.  Note that when the Democrats ran the House, the Senate and the Presidency, they fostered no goodwill across the  aisle as reflected in the two biggest Obama initiatives of the $800+ billion "stimulus" and the health care bill (aka Obama(Don't)Care).

We were promised that the unemployment rate would not breech 8% if we passed the stimulus.  It passed: 244-188.  No a single Republican Vote.  11 Democrats voted "No". Real Unemployment is between 18%-22%.

Health Care passes 219-212. Not a Single Republican vote; 
34 Democrats Vote "No".

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