Many of these blogs have an "About Me" page.  I figure that's what FaceBook is for.

This blog has come about by accident as many hobbies do, and, as is the case with many new hobbies, it may be short-lived.  Only time will tell.

On to the Purpose
I'm not clear what the purpose of this blog is...there, I said it.  

However, it seems like a place where I plead my conservatarian (conservative/libertarian) leanings.  While I don't profess to be an ideologue, I am a strong proponent of free market capitalism as well as individual liberties.  Don't Tread on Me.

Howling At the Moon

Yes, I live in extremely liberal Southern California.  Trying to have a conversation with family and friends over politics can make anyone feel like he is howling at the moon because you seem to get nowhere. No doubt, they feel the same (or feel they are being howled at).  

But, like the wolf screaming into the night sky, there is hope that change will come ("we are the ones we have been waiting for"-Barack Obama).  After all, doesn't the moon go away and get smaller until it disappears both nightly and over two weeks?  Only, it rises again and gets bigger and stronger.

I used to be a liberal.  Not just liberal but a progressive. Defending my positions against valid arguments from those on the right was, as W would say, a lot of work.

As a young, loud liberal, I developed the view that one could not be both moral and Republican unless you were either duped or dumb.  One can make their own assessment if I am now either or both of those things (and they both have been asserted), but the question as to whether a thoughtful conservative/libertarian/Republican can be moral is just plain elitist and immoral in and of itself.


I frequently engaged in sending emails and articles of items in the news that catch my eye and make my conservative or libertarian point.  To be truthful, sometimes, I'm just looking for a little fun banter.  I  think rationalism and objectivism are essential philosophical tools towards building a better society.  I am not trying to be a hack; I can't say I'll always argue fair but I'll try.  

  Pointing out liberal hypocrisy using satire or caricature can be a powerful way to make a point just like a picture is worth a thousand words.  
I want to convince.  I want to make the points that directly undermine the assumptions that the self-professed "open-minded" liberal frequently make.  If you have similar interests we may visit many of the same web pages.  That's fine.  I'm not trying to compete with them but, again, simply to supplement or highlight those stories that interest me in forwarding these themes.  This may wind up being my own personal RSS feed of all the powerful stuff I might want to reference later.  Subjects already taking shape are economics, politics, global warming, science, hacks and hypocrisy (I think the hypocrisy is my favorite).

Other Stuff
Other areas of interest or "public" service items will find their way here as well. They will have nothing to do with politics but just interest me.   Please feel free to leave comments or rate the postings.

This is a work in progress; maybe I'll change the entire theme to a how to cook with eggs.