Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kids are Off Limits - Until They Put Themselves Into the Mix

Chelsea Clinton Comes to NBC's Nightly News - Hooray!!!
Brian Williams Compares Chelsea Clinton to Tim Russert

 Brought to us by Newsbusters...
WILLIAMS: If a candidate walked into our offices with her academic training, with her travel, with her access and time around conversations at the highest levels with policy makers, with her business experience, with just her travel experience, we would sit down if their name was Nancy, and have a thorough conversation about coming to work for us at NBC News.

That her name is Chelsea Clinton is all the better. I can't wait to hear her voice and her viewpoint. And I would remind everybody that there was much kerfuffle about Tim Russert's resume. Oh, my goodness, he worked for a couple elected Democrats. And what that nicely left out was Tim Russert's talent and intellect and ability to call them down the middle.

What is he remembered for and what do people miss about him? His decency, his humanity and his incredible ability to call them down the middle. So I would urge everyone to let's sit back and watch some of Chelsea Clinton's work on the air.

For the record, prior to moving into journalism, Russert was special counsel to the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) and later became his Chief of Staff. This was followed by being counsel to New York Governor Mario Cuomo.
In 1984, Russert started working in NBC's Washington bureau, became its chief in 1989, and was named Meet the Press host in 1991.

As he graduated from law school in 1976, that's fifteen years of real experience before moving to Meet the Press.

By contrast, Clinton's entire professional career consists of working for two consulting firms, fundraising for the Clinton Foundation, and serving on the board of the School of American Ballet.

With that wealth of political experience, we shouldn't be surprised if she's the next Tim Russert.

This level of idolatry and sychophancy from the anchor of America's leading news broadcast though not surprising really is sick-making.

I guess her work at the hedge fund wasn't so great.  Another victory for the one percenters!

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