Monday, February 13, 2012

Still A Hero

Awful, Terrible, Despicable, Disgusting & Delicious

 To sum up: we knew he was a "horn dog," his behavior was "awful, terrible, despicable, disgusting," but it's "a lot of deja" worthy of a yawn even from a supposedly conservative columnist.

 Though "you can't defend it, "he's still a hero."

 Bear in mind that one of Alford's accusations was that this "hero" forced her to perform oral sex on one of his special aides. "But his image is still larger than all of that."

This from the very people who just a few months ago voraciously and savagely attacked former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain for unsubstantiated allegations concerning sexual harassment decades ago. He wasn't worthy to be president due to such allegations, but a former president forcing a 19-year-old to perform oral sex on one of his friends doesn't diminish his place in history the slightest bit.

Got that?

For More information about JFK and his "intern":
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