Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chris Matthews Amazing Insight Into The Man, Obama

In Line With the Narrative that It is All About Him

On Obama's Acceptance Speech:

Chris Matthews : “I may be the only one here who’s not satisfied with that speech...The Democratic party really wasn’t given any attention tonight. The president is the leader of the Democratic party. Whatever forging of relationship he’s going to do with the other side, it’s going to start with unity. They did very well, these Senate candidates, because they ran on the same platform, basically, as everyone pointed out tonight: stronger regulation of Wall Street, redress of inequality in income through tax policy, real fighting for that stuff. Dealing with industrial policy: We really go in and work for a company, like the auto industry, and save it. You don’t sit around and watch it. You don’t talk about bankruptcy. There’s real policy aggressiveness here that’s come about over the last several years with the Democratic party at the front of it, and I didn’t sense that he acted as a party leader, or even as a leader of a faction. It was him, again, alone."

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