Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stuck on Welfare

Example As To Why it is Tough

So, the Secretary of Public Welfare in Pennsylvania did a presentation last year trying to find ways to help people get better jobs, higher income and to help people find the ability to get off welfare.  First he tried to define the problem and this example case illuminates so much.  Click to enlarge.

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Assumptions: (1) Single mom; (2) Two children; (3) Lives in Pennsylvania; (4) no disabilities; (5) Children are 1 and 4 years old and placed in a 'Star 4' childcare center
The line coming from where the axis meet is the income line.  As the woman earns more money, income tax credits are reduced and taxes required become deducted.  Further, state and federal assistance provide through various types of programs including housing, food, childcare, etc. begin to become ineligible or reduced.

To see more interesting charts and graphs or to see the powerpoint presentation click here.

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