Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Reasons To Love the Obama Administration

The Never-Ending Saga continues...

Add-Ons from the Last List (click here to see previous 61 points)

62) Hands Ukraine over to Putin

63) Al-Qaeda takes key Iraqi city after Obama unilaterally removes American military.  Gives up all hard fought gains.

64) Says it is essential to keep forces in Afghanistan to preserve hard fought American gains.

65) Dumping illegal alien children into border states

66) Releasing five top al-Qaeda commanders into 1year 'house arrest' in Qatar.

67) Illegally releasing top commanders without notifying Congress.

68) Lying to American People that reason he broke law was the POW had severe deteriorating health and could not wait.

69) Accidentally 'outing' the head of the CIA field office in Afghanistan.  Valerie Plame, anyone?

70) Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are’
WH forces serving soldiers to sign confidentiality agreements related to Bergdahl.

71) WH 'swift boats' dozens of soldiers who speak up about Bergdahl.

72) Susan Rice (again) goes on slew of Sunday AM new shows and proclaims Bergdahl served with 'honor and distinction' despite strong indications he left his post and went AWAL.  Potentially up to 12 soldiers die in operations in search of missing Bergdahl.

73) VA Scandal. See: 7 Times Barack Obama Promised To Reform The VA for amazing quotes in 2007-2009.  Recall as senator, he also had oversight authority as member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

74) Obama watches way too much TV.
IRS, Fast & Furious, VA Wait List, Airforce One NYC fly over, Seizing phone records or AP reporters, Bugging reporters, etc. etc. 

75) Funding Hamas after reconciling with PLO (against American law on funding designated terrorist organizations).

76) EPA unilaterally declares war on Coal.

77) Obama calls all 'Obama Scandals' "phony."

78) In newly released book, Hillary recalls how Obama '08 Campaign wanted her to attack Sarah Palin "because she was a woman."

79) Unilateral delay(s) of every aspect of ObamaCare in order to avoid 2014 election cycle.

80) WH forces serving soldiers to sign confidentiality agreements related to Bergdahl.


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