Friday, March 20, 2015

The Obama List Continues

Administration Failures
(No particular order except the year in which these were typed up)

December 2013
  1. You can keep your doctor and medical plan, period.
  2. $7 trillion new national debt
  3. $85 trillion unfunded national liabilities
  4. Billions of dollars gambled on Solyndra, Nextera, Solar Trust, etc.
  5. Fast & Furious
  6. Food stamp fraud expansion
  7. "Leading from behind"
  8. 1,200 Obamcare waivers to politically connected
  9. Czars
  10. Tax dollar bailout (and $10 billion loss) on private GM pensions
  11. Illegal ending of welfare-to-work
  12. $800 billion stimulus for "shovel-ready" jobs
  13. Stimulus guaranteed to keep unemployment below 6% (went to, and stayed, at 8%+)
  14. Isolation of Israel
  15. Credit rating downgrade of U.S. debt
  16. Stopped drilling in Gulf; enables weaker environmental countries to fill void
  17. No family over $250,000 to see taxes rise
  18. Stopped construction of virtual fence
  19. Cash for clunkers
  20. Promises Russia "greater flexibility" after election
  21. 9-11 "Truther" put into Green Jobs Czar
  22. Anita Dunn
  23. Makes John Holdren, previous believer in notion of forced sterilization, Science Czar
  24. Gay Marriage Opportunist
  25. Debt limit flip flop
  26. Sequester idea
  27. Executive inexperience
  28. Signature legislation left up to Congress
  29. No relationships with Republican leadership
  30. 24/7 Campaigning
  31. Syria
  32. Egypt
  33. Libya
  34. Chemical Weapons
  35. Bengazi
  36. Red line
  37. YouTube video
  38. Ignores Iranian Democratic uprising in order to legitimize election and condone Iranian crackdown in name of flexibility
  39. Bows to Saudi Arabian King, Chinese President, Japanese Emperor, Mexican President, among others
  40. IRS harassment of conservatives
  41. Lends Brazil $2 billion for government-controlled oil drilling
  42. Sues Boeing for opening plant in SC and creating 1,000 new jobs because workers there didn't want a union.
  43. Tax-cheat, Tim Geithner appointed Treasury Secretary
  44. Leaks Navy SEALS got Bin Laden after saying it would be kept secret, shortly after SEALS targeted and lose 22 in shoot down over Afghanistan
  45. "You didn't build that."
  46. Transparency
  47. Personally manages "kill list"
  48. Calls Fort Hood workplace violence
  49. Ignores own Simpson-Bowles commission
  50. Politicizes Supreme Court during State of Union speech
  51. 100 rounds of golf in first 3 years
  52. Compels Catholic institutions to provide Contraceptions
  53. Attack on the press - AP, Rosengate, Sheryl Attkinson
  54. Eric Holder Perjuries
  55. Federal Agency boondoggles to Vegas, Hawaii, Disney World, etc.
  56. EPA expansion w/o Congressional authority
  57. Putin
  58. Obamacare Website
  59. Iranian Nuclear deal
  60. Insists to public Obamacare penalty is NOT a tax BUT Supreme Court rests the constitutionality of the law on the basis that it IS a tax.
  61. Nuclear option detonated in Senate with Obama approval.

June 2014

62) Hands Ukraine over to Putin

63) Al-Qaeda takes key Iraqi city after Obama unilaterally removes American military.  Gives up all hard fought gains.

64) Says it is essential to keep forces in Afghanistan to preserve hard fought American gains.

65) Dumping illegal alien children into border states

66) Releasing five top al-Qaeda commanders into 1year 'house arrest' in Qatar.

67) Illegally releasing top commanders without notifying Congress.

68) Lying to American People that reason he broke law was the POW had severe deteriorating health and could not wait.

69) Accidentally 'outing' the head of the CIA field office in Afghanistan.  Valerie Plame, anyone?

70) Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are’

71) WH 'swift boats' dozens of soldiers who speak up about Bergdahl.

72) Susan Rice (again) goes on slew of Sunday AM new shows and proclaims Bergdahl served with 'honor and distinction' despite strong indications he left his post and went AWAL.  Potentially up to 12 soldiers die in operations in search of missing Bergdahl.

73) VA Scandal. See: 7 Times Barack Obama Promised To Reform The VA for amazing quotes in 2007-2009.  Recall as senator, he also had oversight authority as member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

74) Obama watches way too much TV.
IRS, Fast & Furious, VA Wait List, Airforce One NYC fly over, Seizing phone records or AP reporters, Bugging reporters, Hillary email scandal, etc. etc. 

75) Funding Hamas after reconciling with PLO (against American law on funding designated terrorist organizations).

76) EPA unilaterally declares war on Coal.

77) Obama calls all 'Obama Scandals' "phony."

78) In newly released book, Hillary recalls how Obama '08 Campaign wanted her to attack Sarah Palin "because she was a woman."

79) Unilateral delay(s) of every aspect of ObamaCare in order to avoid 2014 election cycle.

80) WH forces serving soldiers to sign confidentiality agreements related to Bergdahl.

March 2015

81) Clinton Private EMail Server - no oversight or approval.  Avoid oversight

82) Israel Petty Treatment continues.

83)  Auditing of Mitt Romney donors

84) Under Obama, the CIA spied on the Senate

85) Secret Service "lets" man scale fence, run across wall, enter unlocked door and travel a good distance through the White House.  New issues continue to pile on.

86) Hard Drive crashes through out agencies continue, no way of finding emails.  Then they show up.

87) Unilateral, unconstitutional implementation of unpassed Dream Act

87) Unilateral, unconstitutional implementation of unpassed immigration amnesty

88) Wants to mandate forced voting participation

89) Unilateral, unconstitutional waiving of Obamacare penalty

90) Unlike all past Presidents, actively works to do end-around Congress on nuclear arms control and threatens to by-pass Congress by going to the UN to remove Iranian sanctions.

91) Sen. Menedez (D) hit with Justice Dept corruption charges as he emerges as primary democratic critic of Obama's Israel/Iran policy

92) Vetos Keystone Pipeline

93) Refers to the attacks in Paris and the Jews killed at the Jewish deli as "random" attacks and further refuses to join world leaders in Paris to play golf instead.

94) ISIS continues to grow, take more territory and brutally kill.

95) Iraqis so disgusted with US, does not notify Americans that they invited IRAN onto their territory to fight with them. 

96) Points to Somalia and Yemen as models of successful U.S. counterterrorism efforts.  Five months later, Iran-backed rebels overthrow Yemen and US embassy evacuated.  Just today 2 bombs explode at Yemeni mosque killing over 100.

97) Sends David Cameron to lobby memebers of Congress against Iranian sanctions.

98) Decries separate branch of government inviting Netanyahu to speak saying not proper to interfere with foreign election while sending scores of advisers and democratic campaign staff to Israel to work against Netanyahu's reelection.  (ADDITIONALLY, as Senator had been supportive of Speaker Pelosi unilaterally going to Syria to work out a deal with Assad against White House protests.)

99) Unilateral, unconstitutional governemental takeover of the Internet under the guise of "net neutrality"

100) We still have two more years of this guy.

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