Thursday, December 21, 2017

TTT: Trump Top Ten

11 Months In - Here's the Top 10 Accomplishments

1) ISIS is decimated and on the run

2) Stock market is up 5,000 in first year and over 7,000 since election

3) Tax Law passed as strong pro-growth initiative

4) Supreme Court Justice appointed as solid, thoughtful jurist

5) Regulation slashed beyond expectations

6) Obamacare penalty on poor repealed

7) Media finally exposed for the brainless, bias and uninformed dangers that they are

8) Judicial appointments sailing through at historic rate (assistance to Harry Reid)

9) Recognition of Jeruselem as the capital of Israel

10)  The pure joy of watching liberals stay in constant self-righteous freak-out while Trump makes everyone cringe through his Twitter account

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