Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sun: Chill Out on Global Warming

Solar forecast hints at a big chill
I catch Nova, PBS and Science Channel shows from time to time. I'm pretty sure that the sun is 100% responsible for the existence of weather on Planet Crazy (aka Earth). So, when I read from the SKEPTICS at MSNBC: "The linkage between solar activity and climate change is still a matter of scientific debate," I can't help but wonder at how many science classes these folks skipped on their way to the protest rallies.

Nevertheless, this article talks about the coming of a potential little ice age similar to what occurred in the 17th century due to solar activity. As I have become quite fond of lovely winter afternoons, I plead to everyone to buy SUVs and other gas guzzlers and counter this climate threat to my enjoyment.

Here's the article from MSNBC: Solar forecast hints at a big chill

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